What should I do if my order has shipping damage? What should I do if my order has shipping damage?

What should I do if my order has shipping damage?

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We're sorry to learn that your order has been damaged in transit. We're happy to help you get sorted. 

First, it is critically important to know that we must be made aware of any missing or damaged items as soon as possible. There is a strict 30-day inspection period from the date you receive your equipment. Failure to provide notification within the inspection period may affect your claim eligibility and/or delay our ability to resolve your issue due to shipping carrier policies.

If you discover shipping damage upon delivery:

  • If you notice damage when the delivery driver is present, please notate it on the shipping documents.
  • Take clear, detailed photos of the damage. 
  • If you are able to test the equipment, please take photos of any misoperation. 

Once you have taken the photos, please Submit a Ticket selecting the Shipping Damage request type including the photo damage. A technical support representative will reach out as soon as possible to help you with testing the equipment to determine what needs to be done to resolve the issue and assist you with submitting a shipping claim. 

Please note our Advance Replacement Guarantee does not apply in the instance of shipping damage, we cannot authorize any advance replacements until a shipping claim has been filed.